By: Ruchi Acharya

About the author:

Ruchi Acharya is a Business Analyst currently living in Glasgow, UK. She is the founder of an international writing community popularly known as Wingless Dreamer. She is an Oxford University summer graduate in English Literature. Her poem, “Long Distant Call” was the winner of the 4th Issue in the featuring Contest of Also, she has been a contributor to multiple writing platforms such as The Pangolin Review (Mauritius), (Denmark), Overachiever magazine (China), Rigorous Magazine (USA), and 36garhtraveller (India). Her literary works include poetry, romantic short stories, and motivational quotes. She has a deep interest in Victorian Literature. She never ate a dragonfruit. Website:

How does your piece amplify or raise awareness on socio-political issue(s)?

It's a poem written to encourage the concept that skin colour doesn't matter. A person should not be judged by the colour of their skin.

I look at my skin

and see the colour brown,

Our backs tell stories

about the forbidden crowns.

For I am not just a skin

but every woman within.

I am the original masterpiece,

gold plated, kind-hearted,

An intellect waiting to be applauded.

Please do not take

my chances.

Please do not take

me for granted.

I can cry and roar at the same time.

Listen to the voice around you,

It says,

Colourism ends here with you,

with me for today and tomorrow.

We all need a new start

Instead of racial sorrows.

No more singing black or white song,

We are together from here on.

Our skins will create

Islands for the warmth in winter

And cold in summer.

For we are the people

into this together as one.