Kimberly Borja

Age: 20, Location: Ottowa, Canada

This is an expression sheet for my original character, Amber. It showcases one of my passions, character design.
This is the piece I am the most proud of. I wanted to recreate the mood of a park in China, and add a koi fish-inspired mermaid to it. I love how it turned out!
I always loved her dress ever since the movie came out. I’ve drawn it many times since. This is a piece that means a lot to me because I think it really shows my improvement over the years, and how much working on my passion has paid off.

1. Introduce yourself!

I am a Filipina aspiring animator and illustrator raised in China! I moved to Canada to attend college and to pursue art. I attended Vancouver Film School last year and am currently attending Algonquin College in Ottawa.

2. How have you identified yourself as a BIPOC individual through your creative work?

I try to incorporate my Chinese background into as many pieces as I can. I love recreating the mood and tranquility that China has always given me growing up. In addition, I try to incorporate my family’s Filipino culture into my works.

3. How has your creative work allowed you to express yourself?

It allows me to show my love for certain media and characters through my fanart. It also allows me to create new stories and characters that mean a lot to me, inspired because of the way that I grew up.

4. What is your stance on BIPOC representation in the media?

I believe that we definitely need more representation, as an example for younger BIPOC and as a way to learn about each other as equals.

5. How has your culture influenced your work and who you are today?

I like to believe that my culture has certainly influenced my approach on art. Growing up attending an International School in China, I was exposed to many cultures and views. I think that it gives me a unique and international quality as an artist.

6. What do you like to do in your free time?

Drawing, working out, reading and cooking are some of my favourite hobbies.