Fran Garvich

Age: 18, Location: Lima,Peru

This is one of the pieces that go with the theme of duality: the good and bad side inside someone, cain and abel, yin and yang, dr jekyll and mr hyde, the balance of good and bad. It represents my different sides, different ways of thinking, different ways of living, it shows the bad side almost preying on me, waiting for me to do something else, watching over my shoulder 24/7. That's what I was trying to go for.
I did this one over a year ago, March 2019. I started going to college and spending over 3 hours daily from Monday to Friday on public transport. Sitting there with hundreds of people a day made me realize that I don't know the reality of everyone around me. Everyone lives different lives, different secrets, different thoughts; yet they all look the same sometimes. I tried to make a series about this, creating this persona, an "alter ego" that's clearly different from the rest, almost alien-like. After being surrounded by people who start to look the same as they come and go every day, I wanted to create the complete opposite and show a version of myself that was clearly physically different, but on the inside, it's honestly just the same as everyone else.

1. Introduce yourself!

My name is Fran or Caín, even though I usually use Caín for my art I still like to go by both of them. I'm born and raised in Lima, Perú, I've lived here all my life and now I'm studying graphic design here too! (for now)

2. How have you identified yourself as a BIPOC individual through your creative work?

I've always used the idea of "duality" in my work, and it represents different aspects of my life. The contrast between the duality of my own self and how others perceive me, the duality of social media and reality, the duality of my experience as a poc before and after coming to terms with myself. As the only brown child in my family and after growing up in mostly white spaces, it started to affect me not only psychologically but it's reflected onto my art and politics too.

3. How has your creative work allowed you to express yourself?

I'm not sure that my personal art has directly raised awareness about issues or politics that i stand by yet, but it has surely given me the platform to do so. I make sure to bring up everything that I think needs attention constantly. I've sold my art to collect money for indigenous and trans communities in Perú, I've made sure the people around me are aware of the realities LGBT+ BIPOC face all over the world, and I'm always trying to keep on informing and bettering myself about my history and why is it so important to constantly fight and give back to my community.

4. What is your stance on BIPOC representation in the media?

When talking about Perú, one of the countries with the largest percentage of indigenous people in America, i think it definitely lacks indigenous representation. And when I say representation I mean the representation of Indigenous people in social media, arts, music, fashion, TV, etc. A country where pre-colonial practices have been deemed as inferior for hundreds and hundreds of years still has a lot to learn and a lot to do to change this. Sadly the most influential "indigenous representation" nowadays is when a man throws on a costume and does brownface on national TV mocking Andean women... We have a long way to go, and we're getting there slowly, but I'd like to speed it up a little bit, one way or another.

5. How has your culture influenced your work and who you are today?

I grew up in mostly white spaces, with racism and classism coming and going in every direction, it definitely changed my perception of reality and changed the way I think and act today. Every day I try to distance myself from the spaces that caused so much damage to the way I used to perceive myself and I try to go back to a place where i find people that look like me, think like me and have had experiences close to the ones I had.

6. What do you like to do in your free time?

II like to draw, paint, do photography at times (but mostly the editing part), I got really into photoshop my last year of high school, I started to use it for school and then it quickly became a way of showcasing my thoughts and feelings through art. I'm trying to get into video lately, and I want to get into music too. There's some things for which you need more than just one outlet to express yourself and I'd like to be fluent in all of the ones that come to my mind.