Dunnecia Moore

Age: 24, Location: Trinidad and Tobago

A Blossomed Gaze: Zendaya is one of the few role model that I look up to as she’s not only an amazing actress but a very down to earth person who actually cares for others and strongly advocates for the BIPOC community. When given the chance to choose a subject to paint for a school project I had no one else in mind but her. As I enjoyed her character in the movie, “The Greatest Showman” along with the fact that she totally rocked her character’s pink hair look resulted in the piece shown before you which was created by me using oil paints and newly learned techniques as it was the final project of my painting class for the semester.
Sunshine: Given the state of the world right now I created this piece to bring a sense of Summer Vibes and comfort to both myself and to those stuck inside. Although this Summer was wildly different than everyone anticipated, through working on this piece I was able to at least imagine a Summer that could have been
Glimmer Tangerine: This piece was Part 1 of a mini Summer series I did to flex my creativity muscles as a project on the side while working on commissions. Each piece was assigned a color and theme and for this piece the color was orange and the theme was butterflies. I enjoyed creating this series because it was a project I did just for fun and it allowed me to blow off some steam while exploring color.

1. Introduce yourself!

’m a Trinbagonian Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer in training currently studying in the United States. At a tender age I luckily discovered my inherited artistic abilities when I was bored one Christmas day and decided to draw ’The Grinch’, ever since then my passion for the Arts has only grown and never wavered. Fun fact due to my consistent activity within the artistic community I became the German ‘Buddy Bear’ Artist for my home country.

2. How have you identified yourself as a BIPOC individual through your creative work?

Being from a heavily diverse Caribbean island with a host of multi-cultural people and environments I’ve always made it my mission to incorporate my Caribbean influences into my artwork in anyway possible. As my love for portraitures runs deep these influences usually take the form of a diversified feed of main figures/people along with bright colors or symbols that are normally associated with BIPOC. Overall, through doing this I’ve been able to effectively showcase my cultural background and influences in an appealing way that engages others’ interest.

3. How has your creative work allowed you to express yourself?

II’m an omnivert but I side heavily with my introverted self. However, despite being able to vocally express my opinions on a issue that I feel strongly about I’d rather showcase my point of view through using my own art. Therefore, I essentially use my artistic works as my voice to express myself better to others in a more creative way.

4. What is your stance on BIPOC representation in the media?

Presently I would say that there is very little BIPOC representation within the media and the ones that exist tend to come across very stereotypically. That being the case, I advocate that more realistic representation is desperately needed as through improving this aspect within the media can lead to a better and brighter future of equality and diversity.

5. How has your culture influenced your work and who you are today?

Growing up on an island that has been described as a melting pot of races has definitely served me well as an artist. Through my experiences learned through my interactions with other cultures and races I’ve been able to gain a unique perspective not normally obtained by many and that has allowed me to produce artwork that not only appeals to the masses but also highlights some aspect of my culture that has shaped the person I am today. Likewise, as I’m now studying abroad being from a diverse country affords me an artistic outlook and characteristics as an artist international.

6. What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I usually cook, read, workout and write poetry.