Daniela Vasco

Age: 22, Location: Alberta, Canada

I made this piece because I love finding the beauty in people and I think tattoos have a lot to tell about a person’s history.
I captioned this piece as “There’s serenity in sunshine” because I love waking up early in the morning where the only thing you can hear is the rustling of leaves and birds waking up while the sunshine brings warmth to your face.
I made this piece for one of my classes where we had to use a word as part of the illustration. I wanted to portray the beauty in my country through nature and color since one of my favorite things about Ecuador is the rainforest.

1. Introduce yourself!

I am from Ecuador but I am studying illustration in Calgary, AB. This is my last year! I am in love with reading, writing, and storytelling in general besides art. I am fascinated by space, astrology and anything or magical.

2. How have you identified yourself as a BIPOC individual through your creative work?

By drawing other POC as well as trying to bring my culture into my art and writing. Not long ago, I also started a podcast (Midnight Mayhem) with a friend from Colombia where we occasionally talk about our culture and traditions.

3. How has your creative work allowed you to express yourself?

I love bringing color into the world. My art allows me to share my perspective and give the world a dreamlike quality I wish it had. One of my favorite things to draw are faces; I love finding beauty in people and conveying emotion through their expressions.

4. What is your stance on BIPOC representation in the media?

I think it is slowly getting better but I hope that with the BLM movement people open their eyes to all the changes that have to be made. I’ve recently found a couple of shows such as Gentefied, that finally showcases latinos as real people and not just a side character or stereotype.

5. How has your culture influenced your work and who you are today?

It has made me the hardworking individual that I am today. The warmth and colorful culture back home definitely shows on my color palette choices most of the time.

6. What do you like to do in your free time?

Besides art I love to dance ballet, read, cook, and go for long walks.